Bestore forms partnership with ToughGear <

ToughGear, an awesome brand specializing in providing tough solutions for consumers who love adventures and outdoor activities, has established cooperation with Bestore.

ToughGear is the third brand partner of Bestore. They believe tough is the new fashion and tough is the new beautiful. ToughGear is a brand specialized in making tough outdoor smartphones and tablets. Their products are all CE, RoHS, FCC accredited and certified. ToughGear knows that tough is not for everyone. That is also true for ToughGear. It is made for the one who is working and playing in demanding and tough environments. They are active, energetic, adventurous, open to challenge. They need their gear to be robust, rugged and solid. Build ToughGear for the tough guys – that is ToughGear’s aim.

The cooperation between Bestore and ToughGear will bring extraordinary tough products to consumers who work or play in tough environments. According to ToughGear, they will four series at the beginning, namely the series of TITAN, BLADE, SOLID and EDGE. With the help of Bestore’s distribution channel, these products will be launched in European and American countries, such as United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, United State, Canada, Mexico, and etc.

The partnership with ToughGear is a new start for Bestore. By selling ToughGear products around the world, Bestore will gradually build its distribution sales channel for the outdoor electronic products. Bestore is full of confidence and looks forward to possible achievements in this new partnership.